Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) has been found to be abnormally increased in association with pleural effusion/fibrosis. Chest x-ray examination is recommended in cases of unexplained ESR increases to abnormal values. The effects of alcohol on overall tolerability of cabergoline are currently unknown.

  • The weekly dose should be increased gradually, preferably by adding 0.5 mg per week at monthly intervals until an optimal therapeutic response is achieved.
  • Animal studies have not demonstrated teratogenic effects, but reduced fertility and embryo-toxicity were observed in association with pharmacodynamic activity (see section 5.3).
  • This change causes uncontrolled growth of the affected cells, creating the tumour.
  • The safety and efficacy of cabergoline have not yet been established in patients with renal and hepatic disease.

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Supportive measures should be taken to remove any unabsorbed drug and maintain blood pressure, if necessary. In addition, the administration of dopamine antagonist drugs may be advisable. Pathological gambling, increased libido, hypersexuality, compulsive spending or buying, binge eating and compulsive eating can occur in patients treated with dopamine agonists including Dostinex (see section 4.4). During the first days of cabergoline administration, patients should be cautioned about re-engaging in activities requiring rapid and precise responses such as driving an automobile or operating machinery.

Efficacy of cabergoline in the treatment of pituitary macroadenoma complicated in a 14-year-old girl.

Clinical diagnostic monitoring for development of fibrotic disorders, as appropriate, is essential. Because the symptoms of acromegaly often develop gradually over several years, you may not get a diagnosis straight away. Your doctor may ask you to bring in photographs of yourself that span the pastfew years to look for the tell-tale gradual changes. Medicine or radiotherapy may sometimes be needed after, or instead of, surgery. Finilac inhibits prolactin secretion by the pituitary gland and therefore inhibits all prolactin dependant processes such as lactation. Cabergoline suppression test can give information about the sensitivity to dopamine agonists in newly diagnosed prolactinomas, allowing a closer follow-up and a better management of patients with tumor hyperprolactinemia.


Prolactin causes the breasts to produce milk and it is produced by the pituitary gland. All patients must undergo a cardiovascular evaluation, including echocardiogram to assess the potential presence of asymptomatic valvular disease. It is also appropriate to perform baseline investigations of erythrocyte sedimentation rate or other inflammatory markers, lung function/chest X-ray and renal function prior to initiation of therapy. In patients with valvular regurgitation, it is not known whether cabergoline treatment might worsen the underlying disease. If fibrotic valvular disease is detected, the patient should not be treated with cabergoline (see section 4.3).

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